About Us


At Tribal Dance Long Island & Caravan Connection New York,
we are dedicated to the vibrant artistry, passion, history and relevance
of cultural Dance, Music and Art.

Forget all you THINK you know about Belly Dance..

Tribal Dance Long Island Belly Dance, forefront developers of their very own Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Style celebrates the beauty of every woman, the Awe-inspiring beauty and power within the divine feminine at every stage of life, every size and every shape. It is passionate, sensual, uplifting and inspiring for both the audience and performers. Welcoming the audience with joyous smiles and a deep passion for dance, each TDLI Dancer is joy to behold. TDLI is very proud to showcase dancers ranging four generations, just as traditional Tribal Dance was meant to be.

TDLI brings culture to the community through positive self image seminars, dance performances, dance lessons and various cultural arts. Our dancers are the heart and soul of TDLI & Caravan Connection New York.


Tribal Dance Long Island & Caravan Connection New York also offers the following Cultural and Performance Art experiences…

* American Classic Burlesque

* Reiki Healing Circles & Reiki Certification Courses

* Middle Eastern & African Drumming Lessons & Community Circles

* Belly Dance Fitness

* Zumba Fit

* Guided Meditation & Stretch (Yoga…the Prequel)

* Classic Cabaret Belly Dance

* Caravan Boutique for all your Belly Dance and Bohemian Fashion needs..

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