Our Staff



Tribal Dance Long Island is very proud of the beautiful women who comprise our student body and performance troupe. Represented by four generations of women, our students, student showcase performers and performance company dancers ( The Mystic Sisters) are by far, not your typical “Belly Dancers”, nor would we want them to be. Colorful, vibrant, exuberant and full of life, our dancers represent exactly what we at Tribal Dance Long Island are committed to..the celebration of life and love through the joy of music and dance. Steeped in cultural tradition from the gypsy tribes of old as the touchstone of our philosophy and practice, TDLI & Caravan Connection New York, are passionate about sharing our art with the community through events and performances.

Meet the women who comprise the current Tribe of Student Showcase Performers and Company Performers..


Cienna has been Dancing for 37 years, beginning with Ballet, Tap and Jazz. Cienna followed her Middle Eastern heritage into Belly Dance at the age of 18, where she found a home like no other in the world of Dance. Inspired by attending classes and workshops within the world of Tribal, and finding great love and appreciation for the cutting edge works of Fat Chance Belly Dance, Wild Card Belly Dance and Black Sheep Belly Dance, Cienna set out to create a vivid tribal style that was unique to the East Coast, particularly her deeply loved home and birthplace of Long Island, New York.

Student Showcase/ Performance Company

Often called Kitten by members of TDLI, Kitten has been a great supporter of the charity works and shows of TDLI, helping to create unique costumes, feeding Dancers and bringing a sense of whimsy to the company, she is also part of a Mother-Daughter dance combo within the Dance Company.

Student Showcase/Performance Company

One of TDLI longest running student, Johari is considered to be one of the founding mothers of TDLI. From costumes to casseroles, TDLI would not be the same without her. Usually wearing a rich blue skirt, Johari or Jojo, as she is affectionately referred to, is by far a crowd favorite.

Student Showcase/Performance Company

The other half of the mother-daughter team with Sagyara, Satiah is one of our representatives of the younger generation. A passionate practitioner of the art of Tribal Belly Dance, she is the TDLI unofficial AV expert, as well as being a full time student at SUNY Stony brook in Accounting.