American Classic Burlesque

Classic American Burlesque Classes at TDLI

Looking for a new way to move and shake? Want to impress your lover? Want to try something new? Are you into Zumba, Bellydance or Burlesque? New York City is NOT the only place to go to learn the HIGH ART of the Classic, Showgirl style strip tease!!

Betsy promo 3 balloonEnhance your self-esteem and self-confidence, gain your feminine power, learn how to work that feather boa while you work a room! Peel stockings and gloves, learn how to strut in heels , become the showgirl you have always fantasized about!! Harness your Inner Mae West, Gypsy Rose Lee and Dita Von Tease and develop the skills, grace and technique to show your stuff at ANY Size, Shape or Age!!! Burlesque comes in ALL shape and sizes and celebrates YOU as you ARE!!

TDLI Classic Burlesque classes re held weekly for a whole hour and a half. Within the structure of class, students will get a warm up, introduction to new concepts and techniques, review of past techniques, drills, choreography and performance reviews. Instructors work with each student to help her develop her own unique stage persona and style! This class will give you the basic framework to unleash your inner starlet and to cultivate your showgirl personality in a judgement free zone! We welcome all races, body types and sexual orientation!

As a companion to American Classic Burlesque, TDLI also offers “Weekly Burlesque” as a maintaince class to help students to further polish their dance technique, stage presence, and show persona with individualized attention for Choreography, dance technique, poise and grace.

Ongoing Workshops within this Category are ongoing and include:

  • Stage Makeup for the Emerging Burlesquette
  • Burlesque Costuming 101 (Topics Rotate)
  • Working the Chair
  • Props and People

TDLI recommends the “Holy Bible” Of Burlesque:
“The Burlesque Handbook” by Jo “Boobs” Weldon, on sale at the TDLI Gypsy Boutique!