Belly Fit

Belly Fit & Belly Fit Low Impact

LOVE The Idea of Belly Dance Movements? Stretching, Abdominal strengthening and dancing to mysterious music with drumming that just gets into your veins..

Then Belly Fit is the perfect way for you to get into Fitness!

Belly Fit is a low impact, yet intense belly dance based workout that focuses on isolation of muscles and resistance training with your own body to stretch, tone, flex and develop a sense of balance and well being through dance.

TDLIBeltaineSafety2Utilizing more tribal belly dance technique, which focuses on flat-footed movement, Belly-Fit is easy on the knees, allowing the practitioner to relax into more efficient postures for optimum balance and fitness.

Concentrating on techniques, drills and combinations, Belly- Fit, is a medium paced Belly Dance Class that includes structure reminiscent of classic Aerobic repetitions within a fun and supportive atmosphere.

Belly Fit does NOT include any extensive choreography or memorized routines, instead, relying on follow-along “Campfire” improvisation and technique combinations.

Belly Fit Low Impact utilizes yoga mat stretching, slower paced “campfire” and more concentration on strength through muscle resistance. Perfect for people with joint sensitivity or in need of a gentle yet aerobic workout that is never boring or drab.