Cabaret Style Belly Dance

Middle Eastern “Cabaret” Belly Dance
Classic Belly Dance Fitness

Using Middle Eastern Dance techniques, this aerobically styled dance class begins with a warm up and uses simple combinations and repetitive dance movements to keep you moving while experiencing the wonders and Mystery of Middle Eastern Bellydance. Focusing on “Classic Cabaret” Egyptian and Turkish movement and combinations, the class will tone your body, strengthen core muscles and make you feel healthier and more confident in yourself, while connecting you to a creative and sensual form of dance.

Open to students of all levels.
Intermediate Belly Dance Choreography

This class is designed to be fun and enriching for the 
intermediate to advanced belly dance student. 
The focus of the class is to build choreography flow and combinations that will develop into routines, which are always progressive to possible performance. The choreography will challenge the student who is interested
in training their mind and body to follow a group routine 
and building their stage presence.