Guided Meditation & Stretch


Intimidated by Yoga? The thought of being a human pretzel intimidate you, but you KNOW you need to get flexible and relax?

chakragoddessimage3Welcome to “Guided Meditation and Stretch”, often referred to by the practitioners as, “Yoga, The Prequel”

Within the peace and quite of a low lit room, soft music plays while your Instructor uses guided verbal visualizations and relaxing music as the back drop to slow, progressive, prolonged yoga mat stretches that begins with the toes and works the entire body. Progressing to standing stretches, using gravity to do much of the work for you, this class encourages relaxation of mind and muscles, allowing you the experience of deep breathing while engaging the body and calming your thoughts. Classes end in classic yoga shavasana, a meditative pose laying down on the mat to collect your thoughts and better prepare you for every day stress. Participants leave feeling refreshed and relaxed, and TDLI encourages participants to explore beginner Yoga at local studios after a few sessions.
For anyone wishing to experience a deeper clam, and effective stretching, as well as take-aways to use in their own day to day practice, this is the experience for you.