Middle Eastern & African Drumming

Middle Eastern & African Drumming

Learn the characters of Middle-Eastern and West African percussion and specifically how it relates to dance. Lean all of the rhythms and techniques needed to know to master the art of the instruments.
With detailed direction, one-on-one, instruction and comprehensive history, students will discover both their inner and outer rhythm, a joy in playing their instruments and confidence to play in groups, as a solo artist and for Dancers.
Within active, consistent training in a loving and nurturing atmosphere, students of all ages will learn hand drumming technique, traditional and modern ethnic rhythms, variations and continued focus will facilitate learning in how to signal, accept signals and communicate with other musicians and dancers, to understand the art and become a more dynamic performer. Students are encouraged to develop improvisational skills and to create their own accents and fills to add “punch” and personalizations to their performances.

tdlidrums1Level I Drumming focuses on basic techniques for new drummers, and drill and review for more advanced drummers. Personalized, layered instruction with academic focus on the cultural history of the drums and beats are emphasized so that students become well rounded in the art form, from practice to theory.*

Level II Drumming continually covers all Level I technique with intensified pacing and more emphasis on performance drumming with dancers and various other musicians.

Workshops are ongoing and students are encouraged to participate in all available workshops and Monthly Drum Circles.

*Children age ten and older are welcome into Drumming Classes with exceptions made for levels of maturity.