Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Kids/Teens

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance for Children ages 6-16 is broken into three age categories:
Tribal Fusion Kids, ages 6-10
Tribal Fusion Juniors, ages 11-13
Tribal Teens, ages 14-16


As with Adult level Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, children learn the history of the cultural, ethnic dance, as well as Basic ballet inspired dance structure in body positioning, stance and stretch. Within all classes, students will learn and review the break down of Basic Belly Dance movement, posture and technique, focusing on Tribal Style flat foot maneuvering, hand and arm placements, dance essentials within stretching and prepping the body, Tribal essentials such as maya and taceem hip movements, isolation,combination movements, layering of techniques, choreography and cue vocabulary.

All ages of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance kids and teens is progressive towards choreography and encourages the students to assist in the creative process of developing combinations, cue variants and set choreography. Each class covers age appropriate content and movement, and scaffolds on previous knowledge. Lead by education professionals, the maturity, ability and learning process of each child is embraced. Age appropriate choreography and costuming is ALWAYS on the forefront of all classes and performances. Ongoing goals of positive body image, self-worth and self esteem within a non-competitive atmosphere are always a major part of what makes Tribal Fusion Belly Dance at TDLI ideal for any child and parent who wish to explore the world of dance.