Tribal Fusion Belly Dance


“Tribal Style Belly Dance” today represents everything from folkloric inspired dances from the Middle East, to a fusion of Northern and West Africa, North India, Spain, And Nomadic Gypsy cultures. As a general category, Tribal Fusion Style covers many flavors of American Cabaret Belly Dance, both the ethnically folkloric inspired and fusion cross over styles which explore modern, jazz, dance theater, and hip hop with classic belly dance technique. This fused with traditional, classical & ethnic dance forms from across the world makes for a very unique and joyous dance form. Tribal Style Belly Dance is often associated with concepts of “Community” dance, where women dance together as a “tribe”, a loving, supportive, nurturing environment where each woman can be vulnerable to the dance, opening their hearts and expanding their experience through the music and movement.
As well, “tribal Style” also includes a wonderful form of Improvisational dance that is done as a “community” called “Campfire Dance”, where a vocabulary of cues are shared by the dancers to cue movement, technique and combinations giving the vision of a well choreographed dance, all moving as one, yet, the dance is totally improv within a “follow the leader” structure. This fun, exciting and artistic approach to belly dance coupled with creative fusion instills a sense of tradition, camaraderie and progression for both the dancers and audience.

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance celebrates every woman.
The beauty and power of the divine feminine at every stage of life, every size, every shape and every ability. It is beautiful, uplifting and sensual and classes are designed to lift the spirit of the dancer as well as her self-worth, self-esteem, and physical health and well being.

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Within all classes, students will learn and review the break down of Basic Belly Dance movement, posture and technique, focusing on Tribal Style flat foot maneuvering, hand and arm placements, dance essentials within stretching and prepping the body, Tribal essentials such as maya and taceem hip movements, isolation, combination movements, layering of techniques and choreography and cue vocabulary.
All levels of Tribal Belly Dance is progressive towards choreography and encourages the students to assist in the creative process of developing combinations, cue variants and set choreography.

Level I is geared for the learning student, beginner belly dancers or belly dancers transitioning from Cabaret to Tribal.

Level II is designed to expand, enhance and scaffold on all learning within Level I. Level II students are groomed for performance level techniques, floor work and back bends, tribal/community cues and learning how to lead campfire style dancing. As well, Level II students are encouraged to begin working with props and learning solo improvisational dance to Live drummers & Musicians.
*Introduction to dancing with zills.

Level III Students continue their techniques drills for excellence of execution, refinement of motion and development of cue vocabulary and set choreography. As well, level III students are groomed for professional dance performance as well as apprentice teacher training.
**Zills are a required prop in Level III
Companion Classes

Cues & Choreography

Students learn and participate in the creation of troupe style choreography as well, learn the hand and vocal cues to learn TDLI Group improvisation for performance Campfire Dance.

Solo & Improvisational Arts

Often very intimidating, the improvised solo can be a daunting notion. Within the nurturing and supportive environment of this class, dancers help dancers with suggestions and encouragement to learn how to relax and become creative with unknown music for improvisation solo performance. Coupled with one on one instruction and performance within the class setting, students gain confidence, poise and practice for the art.

Dancing with Props

Must be a level II or above student, props include zills, hand held candles, swords, canes, fan veils, ribbon poi, veils, tambourines Fire fans*and baskets.
Props instruction will rotate and students are responsible for their own props. It is recommended that students call the studio to see what props the class will be working with that week.

FIRE Fans* & Fire Fingers

*Fire Fan dance class is seasonal so that it can be done outdoors, however, fundamentals of working with the non-lit fans are covered in props classes.
As well, Workshops are ongoing for the introduction and refinement of the art.

Snake Charming

Snake Charming Classes are ongoing as a Certification and Workshop in the warmer months for the safety of the snakes involved.
It is open ONLY to current TDLI enrolled students, and students are encouraged to have their own Boa Constrictor companion to work with. To begin dancing with your snake, students MUST pass a TDLI Hander Certification Course with Cienna Rizza, as well as obtain a certification in basic first aid.


The hypnotic art of manipulating the curved buugeng sticks coupled with the sensual movements of Tribal Fusion belly dance create a new and exciting form of prop dancing that is fascinating to watch, fun to learn and challenging to perform. This is a class designed for advanced students who want to take TDLI performance art to a new level.