Tribal Fusion Mommy & Me

Tribal Traditions…Belly Dance; A Celebration of Mother and Child.

Where is the Origin of Life? We know the mechanics…the modern day biological and scientific facts, but when looked through the eyes of our ancient ancestors, we know what they saw…Women, bringing fourth life from a burgeoning belly, ripe and fertile, a new soul to enhance and bless the Tribe..
Blood, sweat, tears of pain and labour, women assisting their daughters, granddaughters and sisters, a community gathered to love, encourage, and coach their fellow woman in her time of deepest sacred connect…the day her baby is born.

mommy baby 1Belly Dance, has always been a part of this momentous event..Women in the ancient East, would pass down the skill of belly dance to their kin, a sacred dance that strengthens the body for labour, exercises for the body during the stress of pregnancy, celebrates and distracts in the heat of Labour and most of all, mimics many of the movements the body undertakes while in labour.

And After the great connection to the Goddess by becoming Mother herself, the new mother would dance with her baby…to strengthen her body, to bond with her child and to begin to share the traditions of dance and music with her offspring, to celebrate the New life held within her arms and the arms of her Tribe…

Within these most Sacred Traditions, Tribal Dance Long Island is honored and proud to offer :

* Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Mommy & Me, for Mothers of New Born Children to age 4.

The Mommy & Me Classes will focus on low impact belly dance movements for moms in a safe, nurturing environment where they can bond with their children. Children of walking ability will also learn stretches and movements that be done with mom’s assistance, and for babies who are not yet walking, Moms are encouraged to belly dance with them in their arms for various movements and exercises. Traditional “Pappoosing” is encouraged for flexibility and bonding. As Tribal style belly dance encourages “community” Women dance together with their children in a relaxing, nurturing environment, This class does contain some light level choreography and combinations, to encourage the dancers to progressive dance, Older Children are encouraged to interact with each other within the dance as well as to interact with the adults during “FREE” dance time. All children have various levels of attention span, and parents are encouraged to participate at the children level.